Retirement Planning

When retirement is on your horizon, like thousands of other Australians you’ve probably asked yourself the question “Will I have enough money to enjoy the retirement lifestyle I want?”.

That lifestyle will be different for each of us. Some want to hitch up a caravan and spend a few years driving around this great country of ours; others see themselves in a seaside town, paddling a kayak along coastal waterways. Many others would like to devote themselves to building an investment portfolio – as they cruise around the world!

Whatever your dream retirement, our Evolve Wealth Management team wants to help you to make it become a reality.

How Evolve Wealth Management Can Help

With financial advisers who are Perth-based – and who have a real commitment to the financial prosperity of West Australians. We take the time to get to know you, to understand how you envisage your retirement, and then we set goals and tailor strategies that will see you transition into a comfortable retirement.
The retirement plan that we develop for specifically for you will incorporate diverse investment strategies that will protect you against risk, while at the same time maximise the return on your investment. It will be custom-created for you, and will be unlike your sister’s or the bloke’s next door.

Why not contact us today to make a FREE no obligation appointment to discuss how we can help make your retirement dreams come true.

Investment Advice

At Evolve Wealth Management we know that if you have a sound investment plan it will deliver positive outcomes, regardless of your age or financial capacity. Despite what many believe, having an investment strategy is not the preserve of older people who have wealth to build upon. Rather, the earlier in their lives that people being to manage their funds strategically, the better their financial future will be.

We base our investment advice on the sound principles of our C.A.R.E. process, which is implemented once we have established and discussed your risk profile, i.e. how much risk in your choice of investments is right for you (usually the higher the risk, the greater return).

  • Core Investments (based on your risk profile we will determine how much of your portfolio will be invested in the Core component)
  • Active Investments (depending on your risk profile: 0%-20% of your portfolio)
  • Reserves (for retirees: Emergency Fund, 4 years worth of spending/Working Income Protection)
  • Enhanced Returns (depending on your risk profile, 0%-30%)

Throughout our discussions we will discuss the merits of each option, and our easy communication style will ensure that you understand exactly why you hold each investment in your unique portfolio.

Evolve Wealth Management is a boutique financial advisory. We are professionals who work without bureaucracy to tie us down, and so are nimble in being able to respond quickly to market changes that may impact your investments.

As well as personal financial advisory, we also provide strategies for business owners, providing a sound road map for your business growth and financial success.


Free Consultation

In this no obligation, FREE session we will help you to:

Get answers to your burning issues & questions
Develop a clear picture of your financial situation
Design & set your financial goals & objectives
Build strategies to create your
clear financial road map for you to take-away


Most working Australians these days have Superannuation, but few realise the many ways that Super can be used. For example, did you know that your Superannuation balance is able to be used to fund Income Protection Insurance, Life Insurance, and the fees for obtaining professional financial advice, like that provided by Evolve Wealth Management?

The majority of Superannuation Accounts are managed by big corporations, and most people don’t even know where their money is being invested – they just know that their employer pays into the account each pay period. Unless you are experienced in the investment world, you possibly don’t know that you are able to take steps to improve the return on your Super.

Our advisors are on hand to examine your Super account, see where your funds are being invested, track their performance, and provide the services and advice to help you to get the most out of what, for many, will become a substantial sum of money over their lifetime. We will also search for any Superannuation accounts that you may have forgotten about, or cannot pinpoint – after all, there is more than $13 billion of lost or unclaimed Super in Australia, and some of it could be yours!

If you have several Superannuation accounts, we can help you to merge these into one, a step that will immediately improve your balance by not having to pay management fees for each. While you may consider merging these yourself, our experience is that there is always a risk of double-handling which can incur more changes than is necessary.

Evolve Wealth Management strives to help West Australians to grow and protect their financial future, and managing your Superannuation in the best way possible is a key element of this.

Personal Insurance

Should unexpected events occur that mean you are unable to provide for your partner or family, knowing that you have taken steps to ensure their financial security future will be a real comfort to them.

Having Income Protection Insurance, in particular, is one that is often overlooked, but is especially important when you are self-employed, or have a young family. Having an ongoing income while you recover from illness or injury can not only ensure bills are paid and food is on the table, but the peace of mind will help your speed your recovery as well.

At Evolve Wealth Management, we like to know about our clients, their families, and their aspirations, and by investing the time to learn about you, we might recommend that you consider particular insurance options.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Life Insurance,
  • Trauma Insurance, and as mentioned,
  • Insurance through your Superannuation,
  • Total Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD),
  • Income Protection Insurance.
Our advisors know the importance of finding the right insurance solution for your circumstance and lifestyle, and will never recommend a product that doesn’t fit you.

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