Wealth Creation

The wealth creation process always starts with setting your financial goals.

Then it’s about investing in the right assets that will increase in value and generate a stable source of income to help you fulfil those goals.

But without the proper know-how and experience it can be very difficult trying to navigate the complex landscape of wealth creation.

How we can help

At Evolve, we’ll write you a personal plan that uses a diversified range of strategies that work together to provide you with the necessary ‘nestegg’ assets to retire on.

Everyone’s financial journey is different, so your circumstances will determine the plan we’ll set in place for you to reach your goals.

Retirement Planning

When you retire, will you have enough money to enjoy the lifestyle you want?

It’s the one big question most of our clients want the answer to.

And the only way you’ll ever know is with an intelligent and personalised retirement plan.

So, whether your dream lifestyle involves hitching up the humble caravan and hitting the road or cruising the Mediterranean funded by an impressive investment portfolio – we can help show you the way.

How we can help 

First, we take the time getting to know you. By understanding your unique situation and uncovering your personal goals, we can help you set the right strategies in place to get you where you want to be.

Then we solidify your retirement plan with a robust roadmap specifically designed for you.

It will plot the path towards your dream lifestyle and incorporate diverse investment strategies to protect you from risk, while simultaneously maximising your return on investment.

Investment Advice

Put simply, a sound investment plan delivers positive outcomes.

Without it you’re blindly throwing your money around hoping something will stick.

And, regardless of your age, everyone should have a solid investment strategy in place. It’s how you manage your funds efficiently and build a better future.

How we can help

Our investment advice is based on the ‘CARE’ process. The ‘CARE’ philosophy is designed to prevent bad investment decisions and stop investors from destroying their wealth. It comes down to combining good investor behaviour with smart, extensive, research-based decision making.

C – Core Investments

The Core of a CARE process is made up from a mix of funds that form the base of your portfolio.

They include:

  • Exchange Traded Funds – commonly called ETF’s
  • Fixed interest fund managers – that are single sector, single manager securities, and constructed to be invested according to your risk profile

Core investments are a strategic mix of Cash, Fixed Interest, Property, Australian shares and bonds, and overseas shares and bonds.

We’ll uncover your risk profile first before we determine how much of your portfolio will be invested in the Core component.

A – Active Investments

Sometimes we’ll see something running too hot or too cold, which makes the market volatile.

The Active component within the portfolio is designed to avoid that volatility. It takes advantage of long-term market themes and attempts to smooth your total portfolio return by regularly adjusting your commitments to undervalued or overvalued asset classes.

Active investments are made up from a tactical blend of EFT investments. These include Australian Shares, Global Shares, Emerging Market shares, Global Small Companies and Gold. Depending on your risk profile this will make up somewhere between 0%-20% of your portfolio

R – Reserves

This part of the CARE philosophy means that we build you a ‘reserve’ of cash, term deposits and low volatility investments.

This important part of the overall investment strategy works for you in two ways:

  1. Provides a steady income stream with a very low risk to capital.
  2. Recognises that volatility and capital loss are most likely going to happen in the short term. Your reserves will allow you enough time for investment in shares and property to grow, which reduces the risk of you having to sell assets in times where markets are declining.

We calculate your reserves by setting aside up to four years of your income requirements. This is particularly important for retirees, because in volatile markets if you don’t have enough to cover down turns you may have to sell assets to provide sufficient income (or worse, you may panic and sell).

Your Reserve is designed to give you security and peace of mind.

E– Enhanced Returns

The ‘Enhanced’ returns component of your portfolio is made up of Australian and overseas shares, held either directly, or through managed funds or an exchange traded funds (ETF).

Australian shares will mostly be chosen from the largest 100 Companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Normally we find these companies produce good dividends for our clients.

You’ll also have the option of investing in a portfolio of international shares managed by a specialist manager or via an ETF.

At the heart of it, the ‘Enhanced’ component looks to deliver above market returns or “Alpha” as it is called in investment circles. And, depending on your risk profile this will be made up of 0%-30% of your portfolio.

During our time working together we’ll help ensure you understand all the aspects of your portfolio and the benefits each strategy has on it. Only once we’re familiar with you and your situation will we begin to tailor a sound investment plan – one that suits you.


Are you aware that there are many different ways you can use your Super?

For example, did you know that you can use your Superannuation balance to fund Income Protection Insurance, Life Insurance, and even the fees for obtaining professional financial advice, like that provided by Evolve Wealth Management?

Super is actually incredibly important, but most Australians don’t even know how there’s is invested.  

Only those experienced in the investment world know the steps to take to improve your Super.

How we can help

First, our experienced team will examine your Super account, see where your funds are being invested, track their performance, and provide the services and advice to help you to get the most out of it.

Over the course of a lifetime this can be a staggering sum of money.

We’ll then help you search for any Superannuation accounts that you may have forgotten about or cannot pinpoint (there is more than $13 billion of lost or unclaimed Super in Australia, and some of it could be yours!). 

And we’ll help you reduce management fees and avoid tricky double-handling costs by merging any accounts you may have.

Successfully managing your Super plays such a big part in growing and protecting your financial future – Let us help you do it right.

Estate planning

Basically, estate planning is the process of designating who will receive your assets and handle your responsibilities in the event of your death or should you become incapacitated.

When you think about the fact that your estate includes everything you own, it can be worth creating a plan for what happens to it.

A good reason for this might be to make sure whoever receives your assets (probably your loved ones), minimises the tax they pay on it.

How we can help

We’d like to ensure your hard-earned money is protected and distributed in the best way possible. We’ll help you develop a plan to ensure that you have the right money, in the right hands, at the right time.

Personal Insurance

If the unthinkable happened, would you be properly covered?

Unexpected things can occur, and having the right insurance in place means your partner or family will be financially secure if you can’t provide for them anymore.

Often overlooked, Income Insurance is particularly important (especially if you’re self-employed or have a young family). Imagine trying to recover from illness or injury while also worrying whether or not you can pay the bills and put food on the table.

Having the right insurance in place will give you tremendous peace of mind.

How we can help

At Evolve Wealth Management we like to get to know you, your family and your aspirations. By investing the time to learn about you, we can recommend the appropriate insurance options you should consider.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Life Insurance,
  • Trauma Insurance, and as mentioned,
  • Insurance through your Superannuation,
  • Total Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)
  • Income Protection Insurance.

Our advisors know the importance of finding the right insurance solution for your circumstance and lifestyle, and will never recommend a product that doesn’t fit you.

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