Pathway to Wealth Guide – 5. Own An Investment Property

Entering the Investment Property Market. Purchasing a property for investment purposes can involve a different set of considerations compared to purchasing a home to live in. Here are some tips to get you started.   Which Rental Market? First, decide if your property...

You’ve Paid Off Your Mortgage! Now What?

Paid off your mortgage? Woo-hoo! Break out the champagne and celebrate the freedom you must now feel! But once the dizzy excitement has passed, what will you do next? Discharge or not? The first question is should you discharge your mortgage? You can keep the loan...

Pathway to Wealth Guide – 4. Manage Your Borrowings Wisely

Borrowing to Invest. Borrowing, or gearing, can help you accelerate your wealth creation. It can allow you to buy assets such as an investment property, or shares that you may not be able to afford outright. By borrowing money to invest, you could potentially multiply...

Pathway to Wealth Guide – 3. Own Your Own Home

How To Own Your Home Earlier One of the biggest financial commitments most of us will ever make is the mortgage on our home. So it is no surprise that the potential savings from adopting a smart mortgage strategy can also be remarkable.   TAKE THIS EXAMPLE… Our...

Pathway to Wealth Guide – 1. Spend Less Than You Earn

How's Your Budget - Surplus or Deficit? Each year in early May, the Treasurer delivers the Federal Budget and many people across Australia listen intently. The Budget tells us how the government plans to spend its revenue in the coming year, whether it can afford to...

Understanding the “Animal Instincts”

Rob McGregor of GPS Wealth provides an outline of "bull" and "bear" behavior and how it impacts share market returns. This understanding is a core part of the CARE philosophy and demonstrates the value of both an investment and behavioral focus....

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

A selection of client comments collected by CoreData Research via an independent online survey of Evolve Wealth Management’s client base, undertaken in August 2016.

Quantifying The Value of Advice

Ever wondered if your adviser is worth the money? Research done by Vanguard has quantified the value added by an adviser.

2017 Federal Budget Summary

An interesting summary of the 2017 Federal Budget prepared by Grahame Evans, managing director of GPS.

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